SELL SELL SELL thats what they say in the stock market and at Mandurah Boat Sales we hear the call and act!


We have expanded our list of services to more than just selling, we care for your boat as well. Everything comes at a price but so should a level of service and quality and Mandurah Boat Sales are dedicated to giving its clients the best.


No job too great or small for the well being and maintenance for your lifestyle choice.


Run the boat up – Yes sir

Give her a clean – Yes sir

Put her on the hardstand – Absolutely

Project manage her service and repair – Of course

Fuel her up ready for the weekend – You betcha

Look her over after a storm or during – No problems

Clean the carpets/upholstery – No worries

Can you give me some driving lessons – Our pleasure


Buffer’s Jetty Ropes made to order, on board supplies, whatever you need to be happy and ready for the adventure that is boating. Mandurah Boat Sales are prepared for you, your family and friends.

  • Vessel Deliveries
  • General Repairs
  • Project Management
  • Detailing/Cleaning
  • Driving Lessons
  • Rope Splicing
  • Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning


  • Boat Insurance
  • Boat Finance